About Us

Kemberleng Toro, owner and founder of KEMEX Logitstics ™, came to the U.S. from Venezuela to escape the repressive communist regime there. Like so many immigrants who come to the U.S., she wanted a better life for her kids. Kimberleng’s experience driving trucks started in Venezuela in 2015 where she owned and ran a courier company.  Once she arrived in the U.S. in 2018, she went to school to obtain her CDL. Quick to realize her potential, her CDL trainer hired her right after graduation to become a trainer herself.  She spent several years at the school preparing other students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become safe, responsible and skilled drivers of 18-wheelers.  In 2020, Kemberleng took her passion of training students and established KEMEX Logistics whose mission is to help future truck drivers acquire the essential skills to help them thrive in one of the most critical industries in the U.S

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