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Benefits as
Truck Driver

Why choose truck driving as a career?

Well paid

The trucking profession is known for a high start salary, and the salary only increases with your experience.

Stability & security

As long as we need things, we will also need truckers to deliver goods and transport essential items.

Affordable CDL Training

You need CDL to be a truck driver sign up for a truck from kemexlogisticsllc driving school for a quick CDL training course at an affordable price.

be your own boss

You own your truck, you own your business. once you become an owner operator, you have the opportunity to be your own boss.

University degree not necessary

You don't need a college degree to work as a truck driver. All you need is a CDL to get on your way and start making money.


One of the main benefits of pursuing a career as a truck driver is the availability of your schedule, in addition to the advantage of knowing new places.

[testimonials content11=”Incredible experience with kemexlogistics classes. They have taught everything carefully and have explained each and every one of the processes. Finally we are happy with all the services we receive from the plans offered.” job=”Chofer Bullet Freight Systems, LLC” image=”1192″][testimonials content11=”With the experts at kemexlogistics, I was able to control my driving very easily. As a rookie they have treated me well and ignored my mistakes and guided me every step of the way. I’m glad I finally did.” job=”Chofer Ups” image=”1194″][testimonials content11=”The way I got the learning lessons, I am amazed with the professional training tactics. All the instructors were calm and easy going. I finally got my license and I’m happy with it.” job=”Chofer Logística XPO” image=”1195″]

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